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Pictures | Wat Phra Kaew

flag picture Thailand

Photos list of the destination :
Pictures Wat Phra Kaew Complex
Wat Phra Kaew Complex
Pictures Model of Angkor Vat
Model of Angkor Vat
Pictures Hermit Doctor
Hermit Doctor
Pictures Ramakien Gallery
Ramakien Gallery
Pictures Phra Ubosoth
Phra Ubosoth
Pictures Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Pictures Phra Mondop (Buddhist library)
Phra Mondop (Buddhist library)
Pictures Statue
Pictures Restoration / Maintenance Work
Restoration / Maintenance Work
Pictures Phra Wihan Yot (Spired Chapel)
Phra Wihan Yot (Spired Chapel)
Pictures Chinese Dog
Chinese Dog
Pictures Pavilion / Sala Rai
Pavilion / Sala Rai
Pictures Chinese Guard
Chinese Guard
Pictures Amarindra Hall
Amarindra Hall
Pictures Phra Si Rattana Chedi (Golden Stupa)
Phra Si Rattana Chedi (Golden Stupa)
Pictures Royal Guard
Royal Guard
Pictures Ramakien Gallery / Phra Rabiang
Ramakien Gallery / Phra Rabiang
Pictures Prasat Phra Thep Bidon (Royal Pantheon)
Prasat Phra Thep Bidon (Royal Pantheon)
Pictures Cloister Columns
Cloister Columns
Pictures Kinnara
Pictures Prang
Pictures Garuda
Pictures Singhas
Pictures Ramakien Gallery
Ramakien Gallery
Pictures Chakri Maha Prasat
Chakri Maha Prasat
Pictures Dusit Palace / Dusit Phra
Dusit Palace / Dusit Phra
Pictures Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang
Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang
Pictures Changing of the guard
Changing of the guard
Pictures Grand Palace
Grand Palace



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